Friday 3rd October


1400 – 1900 hrs



On display will the tokens to be offered for sale after dinner in this evenings auction


There will also be a display of 17th Century Kent Tokens and a further display of artefacts unearthed in Kent by Metal Detectorists who will be on hand to offer information and advice.


Those with Military interests may wish to visit the MILITARY MUSEUM of Sussex housed in a Redoubt Fortress just a very short walk (5 mins) from the hotel. Admission is £2.75. Last admission is 4.45 and the Museum closes at 5.30 p.m.


Before dinner

Bar open – a bar will actually be available 24 hours per day.


1900 hours

Dinner in the Hotel Restaurant.


2030 hrs

Auction of tokens, mostly not previously offered for sale, from the stock of the late beloved and respected Barry Greenaway.


Our auctioneer is the equally beloved and respected Alan Judd.


N.B. Will those wishing to take a time slot in the Research Spots etc. on Sunday please advise Duncan Pennock or Alan Henderson as soon as possible.


Saturday 4th October


0730 hrs

Full English breakfast in the Hotel Restaurant.


0915 hrs

Welcome to Congress

Duncan Pennock

0930 hrs

Tokens of Eastbourne

Alan Henderson

1000 hrs

Three Sussex towns and their claim to fame

Stuart Adams

1030 hrs

Digging up the Kenwards

Duncan Pennock

1050 hrs

A hoard of Agricultural Tokens from Kent

Phil Mernick


1105 – 1130 hrs

Coffee and biscuits


1130 hrs

Canaries and the Big Bang

Alan Cope

1200 hrs

Birmingham counterfeits

Ken Peters

1220 hrs

The Lion’s Den

Yolanda Courtney


1300 hrs

Lunch in the Hotel Restaurant


1400 hrs

Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

David Young

1445 hrs

Cool Tokens

Gary Oddie

1515 hrs

A follow-up to the Mansfield and Southwell Tokens


Chris Granger


1530 hrs

Tea and biscuits


1600 hrs

The numismatic aspect of leprosy, or, careful how you handle the samples


Pam Williams

1620 hrs

Manorial Tokens of Kent

Robert Thompson

1630 hrs

A late use of Hop Tokens in two fruit growing districts of Kent


Fred Hams

1710 hrs

How Warrington Co-op paid for it’s dividend

Bob Lyall


1730 hrs

End of the Afternoon Session


1900 hrs

Congress Dinner in the Hotel Restaurant


2000 hrs

Bourse Table Holders to set up


2030 hrs

Bourse open


Sunday 5th October


0730 hrs



0930 hrs

A Riddle of Rye

Alan Henderson

0950 hrs

Robbie Bell – an appreciation

John Whitmore

1010 hrs

Sussex countermarks

Gavin Scott

1025 hrs

Leak Tokens, Urban and Rural

David Powell


1045 – 1115 hrs

Coffee and biscuits


1115 – 1215 hrs

Research Spots, Queries, Appeals for Help etc.


1215 hrs

T.C.S Bulletin report

Gary Oddie

1220 hrs

Token Congress 2004

Mike Roberts

1230 hrs

End of Congress

Duncan Pennock


1300 hrs

Lunch in the Hotel Restaurant


N.B. Hotel Management request that guests who are departing today vacate their rooms at 1100 hrs please.

Secure storage for your possessions is available if required.