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June 10, 2008

Good Money Available in July: George Selgin's book "Good Money", which tells the story of British manufacturers� challenge to the Crown�s monopoly on coinage will be available this July. Some comments on the book:
"In lucid, enjoyable, often humorous language, Selgin takes us from the 'dark satanic mills' to the backstreet haunts of the eighteenth-century counterfeiter and the private, legitimate mints, set up to address a problem the Royal Mint could or would not�the production of safe small change for the people. His cast of characters is large and auspicious: Thomas Williams, James Watt, John Westwood, and Matthew Boulton. And Selgin�s understanding of eighteenth-century economic theory and practice is absolute, allowing him to write with verve and clarity."
�Richard Doty, Curator of Numismatics, Smithsonian Institution

"I anxiously await the publication of Good Money. Taking a totally fresh approach to not only the examination of the British token coinage, but also the role of money as a medium of exchange, this is a work that will delight token collectors and general numismatists alike. Good Money is no stale academic text�I was charmed by the author's 'Ramble Round Old Birmingham' as surely as I was enlightened throughout by his meticulous research. Numismatists are readers and researchers at heart and I've no doubt that Good Money will meet with an enthusiastic response within our community."
�Harold Welch, Vice President, Conder Token Collector's Club
This is a "must read" for the Conder enthusiast. Learn more ...


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