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April 28, 2004

Davissons Ltd Auction 21: Lots for Auction 21 coming this spring will include "part II of the Bill Wahl collection of British Trade tokens". Davissons can be contacted at or (320) 685-3835 .

Boulton & Watt Papers: The Boulton & Watt Archive and the Matthew Boulton Papers from Birmingham Central Library have been published in 13 parts (each multiple rolls of microfilm) as Series One of a documentary history on the Industrial Revolution by Adam Matthew Publications. Further information can be found about two-thirds of the way down their Publication A-Z list. The Electronic Searchable Guide to Letters and papers exchanged between Matthew Boulton and other members of the Lunar Society (Part 1 of material above) is available online.

CTCC Journal Volume IX Number 1 Spring 2004: The 31st consecutive issue of this CTCC publication arrived in the mail today. Features include "Token Tales - Paine in Revolutionary America" by R.C. Bell, the second part of "Britain's Big Problem " by George Selgin, "Admiral Duncan" by Dick Bartlett, and much more . The quarterly Journal comes with membership in Conder Token Collector's Club. Contact Gregg Moore ( for further membership info.

Nice Tokens on Ebay: Some exceptionally nice tokens have been offered on Ebay by the_coin_guy77 . Auctions I looked at this morning run through 3 and 4 May.

April 23, 2004

Reprint of book by James Mudie: Mike Grogan has recently identified "Historical and Critical Account of a Grand Series of National Medals" as a book that may very likely be of interest to conder collectors. Mike writes, "In 1820, a gentleman named James Mudie produced a beautiful series of 40 bronze medals for sale. They depict people and events in British history over the preceding decades, primarily the Napoleonic wars period. Many of the subjects relate directly to the conder token era and/or depict people who also appear on conder tokens. He [Mudie] also published a book describing and illustrating the medals, including brief biographies of the people.....some were still living at the time! This makes fascinating reading, but the original book is rare and expensive. I have just obtained a newly published high quality reprint from Naval & Military Press ."

April 22, 2004

29th CICF: Next week the Chicago International Coin Fair begins its 29th annual run, April 29-May 2. Eighty-five booth holders, including dealers from Switzerland, Israel, Germany and England, will be at the Holiday Inn O�Hare International, 5440 N. River Road, Rosemont, Ill.

April 21, 2004

Postal Auction 31 at Simmons Gallery: Over 600 lots, from Roman tesserae to hop tokens and including 18th century tokens (lots 96-131), are being offered by Simmons Gallery in Postal Auction 31 that closes 25 May 2004.

April 18, 2004

New Interview: An informative discussion with George Selgin, author of "Good Money: How a bunch of Button Makers beat Gresham's Law, solved the most urgent Economic Problem of their day, and cleared the way for the Industrial Revolution" is now available . This discussion, along with previous interviews, can always be found at Interviews link on the menu at the left.

April 12, 2004

New Price List from The Copper Corner: As promised, here is the April-June 2004 List (34) with Conders, 17th and 19th Century tokens and more from The Copper Corner . Bill has the new 2004 Dalton & Hamer�s "Provincial Token Coinage of the 18th Century" with separate supplement available also.

April 09, 2004

Copper Corner List Coming: Bill McKivor of The Copper Corner has announced that he will have a new list out on Monday with Conders, 17th and 19th Century tokens, Evasions, Books, Medals, and Royalty pieces. He also states that he is buying and looking to hear from people on what they might have to sell.


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