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February 29, 2004

ABC Coins and Tokens Updated: The 17th Century, English and Scottish 18th and 19th Century tokens, Scottish Hammered, Irish, British Milled, British Colonies, World Hammered and World Milled coin sections of the Alnwick British & Colonial Coins & Tokens web site have just been updated.

February 19, 2004

Book in the Works: Excerpts from George Selgin's "Good Money: How a bunch of Button Makers beat Gresham's Law, solved the most urgent Economic Problem of their day, and cleared the way for the Industrial Revolution." which addresses an "episode involving copper coinage that took place in Britain from 1787 to 1797" are available from his web site.

February 17, 2004

New Interview: Discussion with collector Joel Spingarn is now available under Interviews on the menu at the left.

ANA National Money Show� : Sure to be some conders here at Oregon Convention Center on March 26-28, 2004 in Portland, Oregon.

February 03, 2004

CTCC Journal Volume VIII Number 4 Winter 2003/04: The 30th consecutive issue of this CTCC publication is out. Features include "Token Tales" by R.C. Bell, the first of a three part look at "Britain's Big Problem " by George Selgin, "An American Numismatic Rarity Tale" by Eric Newman, "More on the Havering Ha'penny" by A. W. Fox, "Skidmore Churches in the City of London" by Simon Monks, "Galen of Pergamum" by Dick Bartlett, as well as a list of CTCC members and much more . The quarterly Journal comes with membership in Conder Token Collector's Club. Contact Gregg Moore ( for further membership info.


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