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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Charles de Lint"A master storyteller, [Charles de Lint] blends Celtic, Native American, and other cultures into a seamless mythology that resonates with magic and truth" - Library Journal

Charles de Lint has been a full-time writer for more than twenty years with fifty something books published (novels, collections, novellas, etc.) and with more on the way. My daughter Kristin brought his writing to my attention several years ago. Charles is best known as a storyteller specializing in novels and story collections that bring ancient mythic themes into modern urban life. He calls his writing "mythic fiction" ... I think of it as "urban faerie" ... like the paintings of his character, Jilly Coppercorn ... or like the lives my daughter and her friends lead. Much of his fiction is set in the imaginary city of Newford, somewhere in North America. If you are unfamiliar with de Lint's work now is the time to change that.

By the way, I'm starting to think there might not be any books Charles de Lint hasn't signed ... just kidding ... but he seems to sign so many copies it might be good to look for only the limited edition material or association copies ... the button below will take you to my current stock by de Lint.