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Friday, June 25, 2004

Egon SchieleAustrian Expressionist painter Egon Schiele (1890-1918) was at odds with art critics and society for most of his brief life.

In 1906 Schiele overcame the opposition of his guardian, his mother's brother, and applied for a place at the School of Arts and Crafts in Vienna, where Klimt had once studied. In 1909 he left the Academy, after completing his third year. In 1911 Schiele met the seventeen-year-old Wally Neuzil, who was to serve as the model for some of his best paintings. Even more than Gustav Klimt, Schiele made eroticism one of his major themes and was briefly imprisoned for obscenity in 1912.

In 1915 Schiele married and four days later was called up but Schiele's army service did not halt the growth of his reputation. In 1918 he was invited to be a major participant in the Sezession's 49th exhibition.

In 19 October 1918 Edith, Shiele's wife, fell ill with Spanish influenza, then sweeping Europe. On 28 October she died and Schiele died three days later. If you are unfamiliar with Shiele's work, now is the time to change that. It also may be the time to look into some of the material about this influential painter that I have in stock.